Marquess of Bath, Lord of Love, by Nesta Wyn Ellis

ISBN: 978-0-9553507-4-0
: Oct/2010
Publisher: Dynasty Press Ltd

The Marquess of Bath is celebrated not only as an artist and a highly successful business man but also for his extraordinarily diverse love life. He is married yet maintains a harem of wifelets at his famous Elizabethan stately home Longleat, which he has turned into a multi million pound industry in the years since he inherited the estate. But, is the man dubbed by the popular press "Loins of Longleat", envied or admired or a fantasy figure for men who would like his lifestyle but are unable to afford it?

Nesta Wyn Ellis, author of the acclaimed biography of former Tory Prime Minister Sir John Major has now turned her laser intuition on England's most controversial aristocrat.

Beneath the fast paced tale of artist/entrepreneur Bath and his string of women lies a labyrinth of psychodrama resembling a Greek Tragedy, in its unfolding of passion, rage, ambition, revenge, joy, sorrow, loneliness, yearning, rejection infidelity, mother/son love, father/son hatred, tenderness and domestic violence.

You will laugh and you will cry as you read the story of the man who dared to challenge convention and in so doing was condemned at the time as a traitor to his class, but whose values are now accepted to have been on the cutting edge of a changing world. Sex and intrigue lurk in every chapter from the descriptions of the erotic murals with which Bath is still decorating his fairytale historic house to the eye witness accounts of cat fights among the wifelets. His is no ordinary story, no ordinary subject; and no ordinary author could have brought you the inside story of his incredible lifestyle.

The book, although an unauthorized biography is based upon 60 hours of author interviews with the subject and his friends, as well as visits, observations and first hand reportage never before released..
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