By Michael Bearcroft
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In one week a footballer goes from hero to zero. After scoring the goal that takes his club into the league for the first time.

After claiming to have dated a girl who has been missing for a year, he is pilloried by media and fans alike. Fighting to prove his innocence he helps bring down a major crime ring, falls in love, achieves a new career in football and learns more about himself and life in just 100 days than he could have ever believed possible.

It's a roller coaster ride of football, mystery, love, crime and even more football providing a story with a real difference.
"As nail biting as a Merseyside derby with just as many twists and turns ! One not to miss…."
Ian Ayre Managing Director, Liverpool Football Club

'SWFC fully support HFSG and wish Mike Bearcroft every success with Dangerous Score'
Paul Aldridge Chairman, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
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