Nesta Wyn Ellis - Biographer, Novelist, Composer, Singer, Screenwriter

Nesta Wyn Ellis is well known as the author of several books and for her many TV appearances in studio discussions and programmes dedicated to her work and her life. She is a personality of diverse talents, a composer of music, author of songs and a singer and actress. She began her writing career as a journalist, sending her exclusive features on political and human rights issues from Africa. Subsequently she became much noted for her penetrating analysis of political issues, and her psychologically revealing personalities and profiles of leading personalities. Nesta stood for election to the Westminster and European Parliaments before turning her knowledge of political life to the writing of books. She discovered her talent for stage performance and for the composition of music following a serious accident that kept her away from her writing desk for several years. She has performed at numerous one-woman shows in London, Paris and the Edinburgh Festival and released CD's in English and French. She has recently turned to screenwriting and her first film is in pre-production.

She has travelled widely and adventurously, has lived in Africa and the US and now divides her time between Paris and London.


The Marquess of Bath, Lord of Love. Nesta Wyn Ellis's biography of the celebrated Lord Bath, published by Dynasty Press on November 1st 2010 offers spectacular insights into the life and loves of this most contradictory character.

Britain's Top 100 Eligible Bachelors
, published in 1994, this humorous set of mini biographies of celebrated men proved that sex, power and money will always attract. Witty and revealing, it launched a thousand TV programmes featuring the author and her views of rich, powerful and sexy men.

John Major
published 1991 and 1992 by Macdonald, remains the most famous biography of a Prime Minister. Of Nesta's talent, one reviewer wrote, "Read her at the bus stop and you will miss your bus, engrossed in her psychological bull's eyes." 

The Banker's Daughter
, Nesta Wyn Ellis' much praised novel became the talk of London when it was published in 1989 and 1994 and serialised in The People in 1991. Considered scandalous for its descriptions of passionate love making, this thriller love story is set in the world of politics that the author knows intimately, and explores the psychology of intense relationships, to which she is no stranger.

Dear Elector; The Truth About MP's
, published in 1974, Nesta Wyn Ellis' first book was considered an excellent portrayal of political life. Using her own experience as a Parliamentary Candidate, the author interviewed politicians and their wives about their experiences of Parliamentary life, to create a book which was not only an entertaining read but which remains a historic account of the perks and privations of political life before MP's had expenses to fiddle.

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Nesta Wyn Ellis
Media for this Author

"Nesta Wyn Ellis is a woman who could stop most red blooded males at 50 paces."
Danny Buckland, The People

"The Blue Eyed Barbie Doll exterior belies incredible toughness and determination."
Robert Tewdwr Moss, The Evening Standard

"Nesta has the body of a twenty year old."
Edward K Moss, The Daily Mail

"She's very alluring."
Peterborough, in the Daily Telegraph

"Nicknamed the Pocket Venus, she is also talked of as the wittiest woman in London."
Victor Olliver, The Daily Express

"Nesta Wyn Ellis looks like the sort of woman who could bring a government to its knees."
John Highfield, The Mayfair Times

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