Born in Berlin in 1930 with a Jewish father and 'Aryan' mother, Peter Rost emigrated to Britain with his sister and parents in 1937. An Honours Graduate in Geography at Birmingham University, after a disruptive education at eight schools and National Service in the RAF, he joined the editorial staff of the Investors' Chronicle. He became a Member of the London Stock Exchange and in 1970 won the Labour held Parliamentary seat of South East Derbyshire for the Conservatives. Later redistributed as Erewash, he held the seat until his retirement at the 1992 General Election.

Apart from his special promotion of Natural Medicine and a contribution to the restoration of British-German relations, he applied himself to the promotion of wider share ownership and was an early advocate of privatising our State industries to spread their ownership in a real capital owning democracy. His principal contribution to the political agenda was his relentless campaign, well ahead of his time, to promote renewable and more efficient energy production and its less wasteful use.

A voice in the wilderness in the 1970s, his advocacy has now come to the forefront of public policies and debate. Married to his wife Hilary for 50 years, with four children and numerous grandchildren, Peter spends most of his time now in the South of France, tending his vegetable patch and taking Rex, the Irish Terrier for long walks.
Peter Rost
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