Liz Brewer signing her latest book
at Waterstone's in Brighton

What is the etiquette for returning an engagement ring? TV's Ladette To Lady's manners queen Liz Brewer is an expert on the subject, having said yes on six occasions.

'I got ruby and diamonds, sapphire and diamonds, gold and diamonds, and emerald and diamonds - sometimes I gave them back, sometimes I didn't. And one got stamped on by one of the fiances,' recalls Liz at Julie's in Holland Park for the launch of her book, The Ultimate Guide To Party Planning.

Liz eventually married (and divorced) smoothie green campaigner John Rendall, a chum of Princess Margaret's former love Sir Roddy Llewellyn. 'John and Roddy took me to dinner to celebrate my sixth and final engagement to John, but on the very night I had to rush round to my fifth fiance to give him his ring back!'
November, 2011
Cindy Jackson, Liz Brewer, Vivienne Roberts
and Leslie Milinaire

There's been a lukewarm reception in the U.S. for Pippa Middleton's entertainment guide, Celebrate, which will be launched there next week.
While this may disappoint Pippa, it has delighted etiquette queen Liz Brewer. For TV's Ladette To Lady judge Liz has just flown to New York to promote her own book, The Ultimate Guide To Party Planning And Etiquette.

'Pippa's book has been panned here,' chirrups Liz. 'I just can't imagine what she could write that I haven't already covered - albeit I don't have the advantage of a royal sister to command a £  400,000 advance.' Miaow, jellies at dawn . . .
October, 2012
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