Liz Brewer
Liz Brewer first shot to fame in the 60's when she swapped life as a debutante in favour of launching Portugal's first ever discotheque/nightclub. The Club, 7 & 7 1/2  attracted an array of celebrities including Cliff Richards, The Shadows, Lulu, Cilla Black and Paul McCartney and gave its founder an appetite for extravagant events. 

Since then Liz has been featured in many television documentaries and shows including 5 x 6 part series for ITV's Ladette to Lady and as the UK's etiquette expert on Radio and TV.

Liz was engaged 6 times and finally married John Rendall shortly after he had made 'The Lion called Christion' Film with Virginia McKenna announcing "if he could live with a Lion he could certainly handle me".   She was married for ten years and has one daughter Tallulah Rendall who is a singer/songwriter.   

Between the 70's and present day Liz has played a major part with London's social and charity scene and featured in many society and gossip columns.   She has been the organizer of many memorable and significant Balls and with some of the most elegant and notorious women of the last century including Margaret, Duchess of Argyll, and Lady Diana Cooper.

In addition to representing a number of well known establishments Liz has over the years taken on many high profile clients and become their advisor, representative, confidante and media spokesperson.

In 2008 she organized Dame Shirley Bassey's 70th with one of the most spectacular parties of the century.  Held at Cliveden House.   A camera crew covered the lead up to the event and this 45 min documentary entitled THE PARTY GURU has been shown throughout Europe to a potential viewing audience of 200 million on CNBC's Luxury Channel.
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